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Construction Management
Ramsons’ construction management program is a professional service that applies effective management techniques to the planning, design and construction of a project from conception to completion. It is a critical component in your ability to control time, cost and quality.

Our clients often do not have the staff or internal resources necessary to pay close continuing attention to every detail – yet these details can literally “make or break” a construction project. Through Ramsons’ CMP, we will work on your behalf to manage these details, making your project more efficient and run much more smoothly.

Construction Management can be used by anyone wishing to build, but it has proven to be most successful in institutional construction; particularly with educational facilities. Arkansas law currently defines three “types” of construction management:

Agency Construction Management: The construction manager provides preconstruction and management services during the design and construction phase but does not guarantee the project cost or budget and does not self perform any of the work.

Construction Management At-risk: The construction manger provides preconstruction services and serves as the general contractor during construction. Much of the project is divided into bid packages which bid directly to, and contract directly with, the owner. The construction manager guarantees the project cost.

General Contractor Construction Management: Similar to “at-risk” only the subcontractors bid to and contract with the construction manager.

Ramsons is one Northeast Arkansasí most experienced firms offering construction management services. If you are interested in more information on construction management, please do not hesitate to contact Ramsons, Inc. today.

  •      Interaction between construction cost, quality, and schedule are carefully examined early in the project.

  •      The construction manager is available to add dimension to the professional judgment and experience on all project decisions, especially construction feasibility, cost and scheduling.

  •       Time and cost may be saved by "fast-tracking" (starting a project as plans are developing rather than after they are complete).

  •      By pre-qualifying trade contractors, the risk of poor performance is reduced while the expectation of on-time completion and quality construction is increased.

  •      Preconstruction services greatly reduce the likelihood of budget overuns.