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Associated Builders and Contractors

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a national association representing 23,000 merit shop construction and construction-related firms in 80 chapters across the United States. ABC'S membership represents all specialties within the U.S. construction industry and is comprised primarily of firms that perform work in the industrial and commercial sectors of the industry. ABC offers annual awards to contractors who show excellence in construction in various categories.  Ramsons has competed in this event since 1999.  To date, Ramsons has had nine projects nominated, and six projects that have received awards.


First National Bank of Jonesboro
-  Avondale Arms
-  Thomas and Betts
-  Stubblefield Center For University of Arkansas at Fort Smith
-  Liberty Bank of Arkansas
-  Searcy Medical Center Pediatric Counter


Mississippi County Community College Student
   Services Center
-  Corning Banking Center
-  Counseling Services of Eastern Arkansas

In September of 1991 , Ramsons, Inc. completed the construction of the Jonesboro, Arkansas branch of Paragould, Arkansas' First National Bank. The owner and architect were very satisfied with both the craftsmanship shown on the project and the construction schedule.  Consequently, they approached Ramsons again in the summer of 2002 to complete a replica of the facility in Corning, Arkansas. Ramsons immediately began contacting subcontractors and developing preliminary estimates and an overall production plan.

Ramsons developed a three tier method of quality control based on the assumption that experience on the Jonesboro branch would result in greater success on the replica branch located in Corning. Tier one of this methodology consisted of hiring the subcontractors that were used on the Jonesboro branch. Ramsons felt that hiring many of the same subcontractors was a crucial step in controlling the project's construction quality and schedule.  There is no substitute for experience, and all of the subcontractors hired for the construction of the Jonesboro branch exhibited a satisfactory level of craftsmanship.

Tier two consisted of using the same superintendent that was used on the Jonesboro branch.
Tier three consisted of using the same Project Manager that was used on the Jonesboro branch.
By the start of the project, Ramsons was taking approximately 93% of the original crew and construction team that so adequately completed the construction of the original facility. Of these, 89% were able to either match or beat their original cost. The overall cost of the First National Bank of Jonesboro was $1,404,063. The overall cost of the Corning Banking Center was $1,614,027; a difference of only $209,964, of which 89% was attributed to the site work and parking lot which was naturally expected to differ in cost (especially since the parking lot of the Jonesboro branch is asphalt while the parking lot on this branch is concrete).

As a direct result of these policies, the Corning Banking Center came in under budget, and was finished, despite losing a total of 100 work days due to weather, in only nine months. This completion time was eight weeks ahead of schedule and five months ahead of the completion time for the Jonesboro facility.  This project received the 2003 Associated Builders and Contractors Award of Excellence for commercial contractors under $2,000,000.

In 2001, Ramsons was hired to complete a $251,207 retrofit roofing project for Jonesboro's Avondale Arms. Ramsons was hired to design and construct a standing seam metal roof retrofitted over an existing flat roof. The owner needed quick and efficient turnkey construction.

In order to speed the schedule, the material was ordered directly from the design/development drawings. This allowed the design team only three weeks to develop the construction drawings.
The drawings were completed and approved by the manufacturer's engineer.  Because Ramsons estimators ordered the material early, the project was essentially fast-tracked which shaved approximately three weeks from the construction schedule.

Ramsons purchased the roofing material from a local subcontractor, Jonesboro Roofing.  Because this firm purchases such large quantities from American Buildings the primary supplier on this project, the material price was lower than it  would have been if Ramsons would have bought the material direct.  The owner was thus able to save in material cost while the design team reaped the benefits of counsel from a highly qualified and respected roofing contractor.  The project was completed ahead of schedule.

This project received the 2002 Associated Builders and Contractors Award of Excellence for "specialty" construction under $1,000,000.

In the Summer of 2002, Ramsons was approached by a Memphis general contractor with an offer to submit a bid on the concrete and metal building portions of an addition to the Jonesboro, Arkansas Thomas and Betts plant (Ramsons is primarily a general contractor, the firm does, on occasion, sub out its forces).

The project consisted of five buildings. One building was to utilize tilt-up construction, the other four would be metal buildings. After the project began, the owner awarded Ramsons non-contractor generated change orders that added around fifty total items;  the primary additions included four metal buildings and four pits. Two of these pits, a hot dip galvanizing pit and an acid bath wash pit, were major additions to the plant. The project was completed in March of 2003, which was according to schedule. The total cost for Ramsons' portion of the contract was $1,779,808.

This project received the ABC Award of Excellence for Specialty construction over $1,000,000 and was nominated for the Arkansas Ready Mix Association Excellence In Concrete Award.

The Stubblefield Center for the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith is a 69,300 square foot facility primarily designed to host athletic events, but with over 3000 seats, the facility is also used for large university functions such as faculty, staff and student orientations and annual student awards ceremonies. The circular shaped building features a red brick veneer that is accentuated by architectural precast concrete and an impressive array of custom constructed glazing. In addition, vivid landscaping invites those who pass by to gaze upon what is truly a flagship building for the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith.

The facility, which, according to Arkansas Business Weekly, was the 12th largest (in volume) commercial project constructed in Arkansas in 2001, features a shock absorbing "floating" floor system, an 8,600 square foot game floor, 14,000 square feet of practice floor with three cross courts, four extra shooting goals, three volleyball courts and a 50' x 50' removable stage. This $10,446,000 building also includes state-of-the-art technology, including a sound system, and a video production system that is capable of creating impressive special effects. The Stubblefield Center also offers a concession area with three serving lines, a souvenir shop, ticket booths at the south entry and north entry, and 1,400 square feet of space for the Century Club booster organization. Since the primary function of the facility is athletics, the facility offers locker rooms, a training room, a weight room, a laundry room, equipment storage, and a visiting team dressing room. There are also coaches' offices, an officials room, a conference room and a video room.

Ramsons completed the project according to schedule, in only sixteen months. For its construction of this project, Ramsons was awarded the 2002 Associated Builders and Contractors Award of Excellence, competing against such high profile construction projects such as Reynolds Razorback Stadium.
Liberty Bank of Jonesboro: Ramsons just completed this $9,504,411 four story office complex according to schedule and in time for the bank's scheduled grand opening.  The building has a structural steel frame, composite slab, glass curtain wall, stone veneer, slab on grade, and sits on a geo-pier foundation system.

The bank's exterior landscaping is accented by brick pavers and three fountains that feature "dancing" water coordinated with the bank's sound system.  The bank's first floor and main lobby feature marble floors, barrel vault ceilings with linear metal panels, and marble check writing "deal plates".  The first floor is divided into two large office areas with a teller area in between. Each office features glass walls and diffused lighting. Each of the two office areas has small matching conference rooms.

The bank's second floor is accessible through the marble monumental stairs that lead from the lobby. High quality oak panels greet visitors who can again access two separate office areas, each with its own conference room.

The second floor hosts the bank's loan division and also features an employee break area complete with outside patio and high definition flat screen televisions. The second floor is also home to the bank's note department that features a state of the art mechanical filing system.

The bank's third floor has an almost identical layout to the second. It is home to the bank's investment department and also hosts the bank's employee meeting room. The room features a state of the art sound system, a projector and screen that comes down from the ceiling and automatic blinds. A catering kitchen is adjacent to the meeting room.

The fourth floor is the executive suite. It features large offices for the bank's main officers. In addition, the fourth floor features a large board room, a complete commercial kitchen, a private dining area, high definition flat screen televisions, and an exterior patio at each end of the building.  This project received the 2004 Associated Builders and Contractors Award of Excellence for commercial construction over $5,000,000, and was nominated for a National ABC Award in the same category.
Searcy Medical Center Pediatric Counter: Ramsons, Inc. is set aside from much of its northeast Arkansas competition because of its full-service millwork shop. The shop not only provides a cost advantage on bid day, but it also serves as an additional stream of revenue as the shop will often submit bids just for millwork services.

One of Ramsons long term clients for both general construction and millwork, The Searcy Medical Center, has consistently and specifically sought the services of Ramsons Inc. ever since the firm completed a major construction project for the clinic in 1998. The design/build project featured extensive millwork constructed and installed by Ramsons, that impressed the medical center staff with its quality and attention to detail. It was therefore little surprise when the clinic contacted the Ramsons millwork department when it came time to construct a new and elaborate counter for its Pediatric Center remodel.

Little Rock architecture firm Steelman, Connell, Moseley was hired to redesign Searcy Medical Center's Pediatric division and in doing so, offer a more playful atmosphere in order to appeal to the children who would be treated at the facility. The center would feature multi-colored tiles, colorful seating for children and a multi-colored, multi-angled reception counter. The counter was designed as the focal point of the room.

The counter is shaped as a half-radius that features six separate laminate colors, painted 8" columns and two winding extended laminate clad upper counters flanking the front of the millwork. The "working" side of the reception counter included lower cabinet space with fully recessed hinges, keyboard trays and grommet holes.

The entire project was completed at a cost of $13,241. It took approximately two weeks to construct the cabinets, and one week to install it on-site.  This project received the 2004 Associated Builders and Contractors Award of Excellence for specialty millwork.